Well, This blog-post is rather overdue. It was originally intended to be the blog-post that finally declared “Anyone for Rhubarb?” out of beta and into whatever the phase is called where stuff is finished. Omega?! Sounds like a cool phase! Let’s go with that. The mighty omega-phase! Just added a “mighty” on a sudden spur of inspiration to give a little extra crunch, and it totally worked.

As it turns out though, this post isn’t exactly the controversial piece of news it was initially intended to be. It’s gotten old. As you might know, or figured out already, ┬áit’s actually been a while since I opened up to the public and thereby signaled the end of beta. I just never got around to writing a post on the subject, and by now it’s so overdue you wouldn’t normally devote a post to it. For some reason I’m doing it anyway though. It just seemed wrong to let such momentous development in the short history of “Anyone for Rhubarb?” go unsung.

Still, “Anyone for Rhubarb?” is a work in progress, so things will still change on a regular basis. At least that’s the idea. So it’s only sort of finished, but isn’t that why other developers call their stuff beta, you ask. I guess so, but this is the mighty omega phase and that’s the end of that. HOORAY!

The good news is I found time to spice things up with a little drawing. The drawing depicts the crazy celebration surrounding the official opening, that most certainly would have taken place, had I gotten around to announcing it in time. I hope this will give you a little taste of the jollification and/or merriment that would have been. I tell you, everyone who is someone in either superhero’ing, horror-movies, 80’s cartoons, TV-series and the likes, would have participated. Of course several fights would have broken out. People are very passionate about their web-comics, but the fights would have been beautifully choreographed and a lot of groundbreaking CGI would have been put to use.

Anyway I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll join the rhubarb in its future endeavors. I call them the OMEGA-ENDEAVORS!