He’s gone and done it again. Angus MacGyver, is there no limit to your out-of-sight capabilities? Give him a stick and he’ll craft you a fashionable pair of jeans, I tell you.

I must admit though, I was mighty skeptical of the idea of taking on my first guest artist, especially considering it ended up being on extremely short notice. Still, MacGyver seemed like a perfect fit for the job, judging from his high quality secret agent work, and that thing with the Stargate. Here was definitely a guy who saw opportunity where others saw only obstacles. That was just the kind of attitude I was looking for, so I took a chance. Looking at the end result, I think we can all agree that MacGyver more than came through. He captures the trademark Anyone for Rhubarb-essence, while still adding little, but powerful sprinkles of raw MacGyver. There’s no doubt in my mind that Anyone for Rhubarb just got MacGyverized and it feels pretty darn good!

Who is this MacGyver and where can I go see more of his paintings. Read here.