I saw Joss Whedons “The Avengers” last week. Did I like it? Let me just say, I may end up marrying it. Yes, movie-to-man marriages are highly controversial in many ways, but love always finds a way. Keep in mind though, that nothing is decided as of yet. For one thing I want to keep my options open for Nolans forthcoming “The Dark Knight Rises“. Everybody knows you can only marry two or three movies in a lifetime. I’ve already exceeded this limit by at least 20 or 30. Safe to say that’s way too many and people are starting to talk.

Meanwhile fellow web-cartoonist – the exceedingly talented Mr. Brendan Boughen – suggested this might be a good time to cash in on the temporary electric buzz surrounding the Avengers by featuring them in a comic ( this was by the way only his exact words in opposite land). Of course I had no patience for such ideas at the time. Unfortunately I suffered a minor black-out and woke up a week later with this comic all done. What happened?

On a serious note, when the special edition Blu-ray of the comic comes out, you will hear the commentator track state that the original title was “Caught in a trap I can’t walk out Because I love you too much baby “. This is a downright lie!

When you’re done reading Anyone for Rhubarb? I highly recommend checking aforementioned Brendan Boughens work out on Cartoons by Jim. http://cartoonsbyjim.com/ It’s not very funny …in opposite land!