Here’s some Rhubarb related stuff. Yeeeeeah, baby!



First off some wallpapers. Computer screen wallpapers that is. Not that stupid ol’ stuff for your house walls. That stuff is so stupid, am I right? These wallpapers, however, are also stupid.

This wallpaper will make your head seem prettier

1920×1080 – click to view

Wallpapers are great for your body

1366×768 – click to view

Wallpapers are cool, but responsible!

1280×1024 – click to view

I wallpaper, therefore I am.

1024×768 – click to view

Click to feel strong!

1366×768 – click to view

So nice this wallpaper, baby.

1280×800 – click to view


Facebook Covers

Grab a Rhubarb Facebook cover. It’ll make you seem more important than everybody else. Except for people who also sports this Facebook cover. You’re equally important. Deal with it!

Anyone for Facebook camping?

851×315 – click to view