The first thing you notice about this comic is probably the huge title sign at the top. The one that says “Part of The Rhubarb Connection – an epic tale so epic it confuses”. You might wonder why it’s there and what it means. You might even be screaming those exact words at the sky right now. Like “why it’s there?!” and “what it means?!”. Again and again. Weird syntax and all. You’re panicking. Calm yourself. I’ll explain it to you and you’ll come to find it’s nothing to get all up in a huffy about.

Every once and while I have been making these comics that kinda tie in together. They have been few and extremely far apart. So much in fact, that I was beginning to fear that no one would notice the already pretty obscure link between them. As a result I thought I would make things just a tad easier for regular readers. I decided to give this convoluted story a name and a fancy banner. That way you probably still won’t know precisely what’s going on, but now at least you’llĀ  know when you’re dealing with “The Rhubarb Connection“.

You can find earlier installments here if you feel like diving in.