Earlier this week something quite fantastic happened. I got nominated for a Ping award. This is a huge deal for me, so I thought I would do a little bragging here on my “blog”. The concept “Ping Award” may not sound very familiar to you. Especially if you’re not Danish, but it’s a thing I assure you. A Danish-comic-award-thing in fact. It’s handed out each year to people in comics – Danish and international. I’m nominated in the category best Danish web-comic. Or Anyone for Rhubarb? is. I myself am not a comic on the web, but I am Danish. I suspect that helped a lot. Anyways, long story short; I’m proud as a peacock!

Sadly everything related to this is in Danish. It’s a pretty weird language. I totally get if you’re not into that, but I’m gonna leave you with a few links anyway.

Thank you all – without your wonderful support I definitely wouldn’t have kept comicing long enough to have experienced this. It’s aaall good! nomination man