Well, as you might have noticed I haven’t put up a new comic today. The unthinkable has happened. For the first time in Rhubarb history I’ve missed my usual Tuesday update. I’m sorry.

A few of you may already know, that I’ve been so incredibly fortunate as to receive an award this weekend. Or “Anyone for Rhubarb?” did. The “Ping-award” for best Danish webcomic. Big award show and all. I stood on the same stage as Jaime Hernandez, Jill Thompson and loads of Danish comic celebs. Brian Azzarello in the audience.  Nervewrecking, but absolutely fantastic. I’m very proud and unbelievably humbled. Still, in the midst of all this very wonderful ruckus I kind of blew my deadline.  Darn it!

I’m gonna try to make up for it though. I promise. For starters I made this little drawing. It may not look very award winning at first glance, but it is. Trust me.

Finally, let me just thank you all for your amazing support over the course of the Rhubarb’s existence. There most certainly wouldn’t have been any awards without it. Thank you, Rhubarb-people! You rock!

I hope to see you all again next Tuesday for another round of Rhubarb.