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Web Comics:

  • Brewster Rockit – Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! I love this comic. It’s balances great storylines with quality comedy, and it’s without a doubt the product of a very well greased brain. Also, the artwork is great!
  • Escape from Cubicleland! – Brought to you by the mind and hand of Mr. Daniel T Stiner. This comic deserves lots of loud spontaneous shouting and general upheaval. It’s psychedelic awesomeness!
  • Formal Sweatpants – Josh Mecouch is terribly good at making comics. Don’t go there. He’ll trap you with awesomeness. Nobody wants that.
  • Gunshow – So awesome it defies gravity by several lengths!
  • Hark, a vagrant – I’m torn between loving “Hark, a vagrant” and hating its creator, Kate Beaton, for setting the bar so unobtainably high. What were you thinking, Kate Beaton!?
  • Mercworks – Stylish and incredibly funny. Make love to it!
  • Pictures for Sad Children – Pictures for sad Children. Very cool, very clever and sometimes so funny I pass out.
  • Toothpaste for Dinner – Toothpaste for Dinner. Awesome! What can I say? My breath is so much fresher since I discovered the wonders of toothpaste for dinner. Little hard on the stomach though.

Comic related:

  • Byrne Robotics – John Byrne is da bomb!
  • The Far Side – The site isn’t anything special, but I felt  compelled to feature a link to “The Far Side”. Gary Larson is, in my opinion, still the funniest comic creator to have ever been.



  • Freedom Reborn – Vortex for the slowly dying community of the greatest game in history –  Freedom Force.
  • – Go buy it! Yes, right now. Go! You’ll rarely get more buck for your money.
  • Shady O’Grady’s Rising Star – What do you mean you never heard of this?!:) This is a great example of indie gaming. Definitely a diamond in the rough, but also a wonderfully addictive game. The only rockstar-manager game you’ll ever need. At least try the demo, and don’t let the graphics scare you away, it’s all in the gameplay.


  • Bad MoviesA great place to go, when doing research for your next b-movie marathon.

Random stuff I recommend:

  • The Hunger Site – Help protect the rainforest or donate food to the hungry FOR FREE with a single click of the mouse. A great way to feel just a little bit better about yourself with an absolute minimum of effort.

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