I know my version of Godzilla doesn’t look like most of the numerous movie variants. Actually it’s probably all wrong.  Too green, weird dorsal fins, stupid roar and that sort of thing. I’m not much of a Godzilla expert admittedly, and apparently a sloppy researcher too. I hope to change this someday though. Yes, my dream is to one day become an all-knowing Godzilla expert and the worlds greatest slap-bass player/researcher. Until then, you’ll probably have to do with sorry movie monster specimens like this.

In other important news, Anyone for Rhubarb recently got reviewed on the awesome Digital Strips podcast. If you’re interested in hearing how that went down, click the link and pay them a surprise visit http://www.digitalstrips.com/2012/05/digital-strips-281-review-anyone-for-rhubarb.html. I’m sure you’re more than welcome.