Yes, Melinda is making her triumphant return here at the Rhubarb. As usual, her impeccable sense of atmosphere and dramatics doesn’t fail her. It appears that this time she has taken to the woods, where all kinds of dangers often lurk after sundown. Characteristically for her, concerns of darkness, finding your way back home or which wild berries to eat and animal droppings not to touch, seem of no consequence. The ghost whispering must go on, no matter the cost! I think we could all learn a little something from goodhearted Melinda Gordon and her selfless ghost whispering. Please think of her the next time you spot a sample of possible fox feces you’d like to collect.

Feel like catching the almost completely unrelated Melinda Gordon Ghost Whisperer vol.1? Yeeeeeah! It’s right here!

And if you don’t know who Melinda Gordon is and desperately wants to find out. Here.