Another looong Rhubarb comic, perhaps the longest yet. If it’s any consolation to you while you’re struggling to finish it, it also took a looong time to create.

“If it’s very long, then it’s probably very boring”, you might say knowingly to yourself. At this point, you might also hear a knock at the door. It’s the postman and he’s carrying a package for you. Inside the package is a note with the number 721 scribbled on it. It might be the exact number you thought of in another unrelated situation a couple of days ago, when a guy asked you to think of a random number at a party. In this case, you realize you’ve been part of an awesome mind reading trick. You feel exhilarated with excitement. This is incredible. Even though there’s no music you can’t help dancing. Wilder and wilder, around and around. Finally exhausted you sit down shaking your head laughing. This just might be the best day of your entire life. Perhaps you should even go read that long, boring comic now.